Ritual of Receiving Mataji at HomeSootak Juhar for Other Occasion
House-(Method of Offering seat to Mataji)

Wherever Mataji are required to be seated, the place should be plastered with Gobar (cow dung). A little mud is added to the cow dung and then an area of 2 feet long and six Inches wide is plastered and then Mataji is seated in that stripe.

Plastering could also be done by washing the courtyard.
A Lasa cloth should be spread in a thali. Then a Jini of Bandhani should spread on it. Then the old Jini adorned by Mataji should be removed and the new Jini of Bandhani should be draped. Similarly Jini of Lasa cloth should be draped. Even the old Jini of Sagat Mataji, too, should be changed and a new Jini of Lasa cloth should be draped. The old Jini of Podsa Bapa should be changed and a new white Jini should be draped. The old Jinis of Mamal Mataji should be given a form of Mataji, and then placed in centre of a thali with uenosT reverence. In the same way, Sagat Mataji, Podsha Bapa too, should be placed alongside Mataji with reverence.

Bandhani Jini for Mataji - 2. Jini of Lasa for Mataji - 2.
Jini of Lasa for Sagat Mataji - 1. White Jini for Podsha Bapa - 1.
Piece of Lasa cloth to prepare a seat. - 1. Piece of Bandhani - 1.

At the time of wedding of either son or a daughter, Mataji should be established befor the beginning of the ritual of marriage. Mataji should be carried along to the venue with the marriage procession (Jaan) of the groom. Only the descendent of the Mataji can carry Mataji.

After reception of Mataji is done, 1.25 Kgs wheat (whole) and a coconut should be placed before Mataji. Besides, a continuously burning lamp (Akhand Deepak) of Ghee should also be placed and prasad of sweets should be proffered to Mataji.
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